“Imagine yourself pampered in our gorgeous wide open studio! Give yourself the gift of the beautiful memories of creating life and indulge in a most memorable photography experience.

Our maternity sessions take place between 30-36 weeks of your pregnancy. Schedule your consultation in the studio to choose the gowns and crowns you’d like to use to create your maternity art.”


3 Month Photography

“We’ll gather all of babies changes up in a beautiful session of just 30 minutes so we don’t overload baby during this milestone session. We can expect baby to be more aware for this session without neck and head control just yet. Mom and Dad’s arms make a great place for baby in this session

6 Month Photography

“We will most likely be sitting up by the time this 30 minute milestone session comes up! This puts all of our props on the table, from buckets to baskets and bowls…baby will look adorable in this sweet session that displays the growth of your sweetie.”


9 Month Photography

“One of our favorite milestones! The nine month session is full of adorable personality and smiles leaving us with some of the most amazing and expressive images.”

12 Month Photography

“Birthday Celebration! We’ll do a cake, taco, pizza, pancake or whatever smash you love to celebrate this giant milestone and end our time together with a bubble bath in our sweet baby clawfoot tub as a fun and photogenic clean-up.”