Tanner's Senior Portrait Session by Cincinnati Photographer Tracie Jean Photo Studios

Tanner's Senior Portrait Session by Cincinnati Photographer Tracie Jean Photo Studios

Do you ever have those moments when a client walks in and you just know it’s going to be a magical collaboration? Tanner was one of those clients! Completely open to try new ideas and fully comfortable are two great catalysts in a shoot for simply amazing output.

We grabbed our girl Bre from Pistil Vintage and she styled the visions of the shoot for us with all of her stunning styling options and we went out for the shoot in the alleyway by the studio for our black and white James Dean style. Then we made our way over to Findlay Market where there was a wee bit of table dancing and of course a noodle break for some Pho Lang Tang (the best Pho ever!). Tanner is an amazing tap dancer so we definitely had fun creating these looks! As the sun was about to set we left for The Cincinnati Museum Center and managed to catch the most expressive and moody sky.

This shoot was just so much fun to make! All the way from the planning through the actual image edit, each step of the process was just an amazing experience for everyone involved! Congratulations Tanner!! We cannot wait to see what you bring to the world as you explore college!

If you’re looking for a senior portrait session that allows you to be a huge part of the creation process with a team of professionals to help you pull of the looks that will give you the results you’re dreaming of, give us a call! We would love to be a part of making your dream shoot happen! We offer full styling from Pistil Vintage’s full shop collection and beyond, hair and makeup artistry by the amazing Sali Kamara at Makeup by SaliK and of course photography and videography by Tracie Jean Photo Studios. This team experience is unmatched! Be warned…you will have the time of your life!


All images in this blog were created with the Olympus EM-1X and various Olympus lenses by Olympus Visionary and Profoto Legend of Light, Tracie Maglosky, in conjunction with all Profoto lighting and modifiers including the B1X and the B-10s