Voted Cincinnati's #1 Newborn Studio / How to Prepare for Your Newborn Session

You found us! In Cincinnati there are so many choices for Newborn Photographers and we are so honored that you have chosen us as your newborn’s first Photographer. We hope you’ll find us to be Cincinnati’s Best Newborn Photographer! Tracie is a celebrated and award-winning photographer who teaches newborn session techniques and workshops internationally. She has been chosen by Olympus Imaging America as a Visionary in their prestigious Visionary Program to honor her work in fine art portraiture. Our 2800 square ft studio is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati with beautiful original hardwood flooring and natural light spilling in throughout. We have an extensive array of newborn photography props available for our sessions including wraps, hats, headbands, crowns, tiebacks, furs, blankets, dresses and pantsuits.

We love snuggling with newborns! We know how important your baby’s first portraits are and how many of your friends and family members will be adoring them for years to come. We do our best to give each family a unique experience, just as your newborn is entirely unique. Sometimes things go smoothly and we’re able to finish in as little as an hour and other times sessions can last 3 hours. It’s all about patience!! Our vast experience has offered an extreme comfort level with our newest clients and we are quite diverse in our posing and comforting skills.

Here are the things that we KNOW will happen during the course of your time in the studio….

a. Your newborn will cry…and we’re more than ok with that! Don’t panic or feel bad 🙂 We think it’s adorable and we have a load of experience with calming babies. Remember, we haven’t been up every night for a week trying to calm your sweetie 🙂

b. Your newborn will potty during the session and it may be on anything or anyone. Yes, we are even ok with that!! We’re totally prepared for clean-up and messes are expected in each newborn session.

c. Your newborn will eat. We recognize that your newborn is most likely not on a “schedule” just yet. It’s ok if baby wants to eat or just snuggle and suckle for comfort, we expect that too. There is no rushing. This experience should be beautiful and memorable for you! We are 100% on board with both breast and bottle feeding and aim to offer a comfortable experience for your newborn to eat in a relaxing atmosphere.

d. Your newborn will sleep. Sleeping babies are adorable and at some point in a 3 hour period, your newborn will fall into a deep sleep.

We prepare for each session…cleaning our equipment, choosing props, deciding on lighting and posing. We want everyone to feel comfortable, so we work hard to keep both of you parents comfortable and baby as well.

If you’re a new Mom, you might be asking how to best prepare for your newborn’s first portrait session. You are not alone! Preparation can begin as soon as you know your due date:) 

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your newborn session….

1. As soon as you know your due date (in or around your 8th month of pregnancy) or have a scheduled delivery date, contact us and get yourselves on the schedule for between 5-10 days after your scheduled delivery. Your baby will be displaying the most womb-like behaviors during those first two weeks of life.  As professional photographers we understand the time-sensitive nature of these first sessions and we will get you in!

2. When you come to the studio stay comfortable! Wear your yoga pants and a t-shirt! We ask    all of our Moms and Dads to take at least one image with baby. I promise, we keep the shots chest up…we know you just delivered. Trust me, you will not regret these wonderfully touching images of the love that you already feel so deeply. Please bring a black tank top (Mom) and a plain black t-shirt (Dad). We have so many stretchy maternity gowns as well that look gorgeous from chest up!

3. 1/2 hour before your session loosen baby’s diaper (this helps eliminate diaper marks) and top him/her off with a mini feeding 🙂 A full baby is a happy/sleepy baby! And, burp away! Gassy babies have a harder time resting.

4. Turn up the heat! It’ll be too hot for any adult but, baby will be delighted when we turn our thermostat up to between 78-80 degrees.

5. Have things ready that you would like to incorporate into the session (booties, outfits, toys, nameplates, stuffed animals, etc.). And, decide if you and/or your husband or your other children will be included in the session.

We want baby as sleepy as possible. If possible hold baby off on feeding until you arrive at the studio. Usually, a feeding = sleepy time 🙂 Whatever you can do to encourage that is perfect!

Enjoy your session! Time will fly:)

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Tracie Maglosky